Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of any goods, services, content, features, technologies, or functionalities provided by us, as well as any linked websites, mobile apps, mobile sites, or other online platforms or applications (collectively, the “Services/Platform”).

1. What are our identities?

The data controller for the personal data acquired through this Platform is Benella, a business incorporated and registered in India.

2. What information do we get about you?

2.1.1 Information gleaned from direct exchanges

Account details and registration

  • We may gather the following information about you when you register to utilise our Services:
  • If you register using your Google account, you will need to provide your first name, last name, and email address.
  • We gather your first and surname name as they appear on your Facebook account, Facebook IDs, and the URL to your Facebook profile picture if you register using your Facebook account. 
  • We may gather your gender, age, or email id if you have granted Facebook access through their in-app privacy choice (which shows shortly before you join on our Platform); and if you join using your mobile number, we acquire your mobile number.
  • If you join using your Apple ID, you must provide your first and last name, as well as your email address; when you sign in to your Apple account, you can choose whether or not to share your email address with us.

You may choose to provide the following extra personal data based on your choices made during the log-in process to our Services or during the process of using our Services:

  • Your given name;
  • your e-mail address
  • Phone number;
  • Your credit card/debit card information if you want to use your credit/debit card to pay for our paid services as described in our Terms of Service.
  • Copy of your identification proof and registration certificate 

Validation of your account

We employ SMS verification to confirm Benella user accounts to ensure that each account is connected with a real and distinct user. When you proceed with publishing your first ad listing on our Services, the validation procedure begins. We will send you an SMS on a valid cellphone number supplied by you in order to confirm your Benella account before posting your ad listing. This is a completely free procedure.

If you do not agree to authenticate your account, your account will remain active and you will have restricted access to our Services. Because an account’s capability is limited, you won’t be able to publish new ad listings or modify, update, promote, extend, reactivate, deactivate, or remove existing ad listings until your account is confirmed through SMS. You will also be unable to receive or respond to emails.

If you register several Benella accounts with the same cell phone number and verify them all with SMS verification, all of them will have restricted capability, and you will be prompted to pick one of them. The account you choose will be restored to full functioning, while the remaining accounts will have reduced capability.

Within 24 hours, each user can request a maximum of 5 SMS messages with verification codes. Each account is validated just once, until the user successfully verifies the account through SMS. Your Benella account will stay connected with the cell number provided for SMS verification after it has been authenticated. You must contact our Customer Support staff if you want to modify the cellphone number linked with your Benella account.

 Information gathered automatically when you use our services

We automatically gather the following information about you when you interact with our Services:

Information about the device

We gather device-specific data like the operating system version and unique identifiers. For instance, the name of the mobile network you are now using. The device IDs are linked to your Benella account.

Information on the location

If you post an item on our Platform, we automatically gather and handle information about your real location based on your device permissions. IP addresses, GPS, Wi-Fi access points, and cell towers are among the technologies we employ to establish position. Your location data allows you to view user items that are close to you and assists you in posting goods in your area.

Information about the client and the log

Your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone, and operating system are among the technical aspects. Your login information (registration date, last password reset date, last making access date), as well as the version number of your browser, will be stored.

Data obtained from the clickstream

We obtain data about your action on our Platform, such as the locations from which you obtained it, the date / location of each visit, the lookups you conducted, the catalogue or adverts banners you clicked, your interplay with those adverts or classifieds, the length of your visit, and the order in which you visited the content on our Console.

Comparable Techniques and Cookies

We use cookies to keep track of our users’ sessions, maintain your language preferences, and show you relevant ads. Cookies are little text files that are transmitted from a web server to your device’s hard drive. Cookies may be used to store information such as the date and time of your visit, your browsing history, preferences, and username.

Why do we collect and use your personal information?

We will only use your personal information if the law permits it. We will most likely utilise your personal information in the following situations:

  • We need to complete the deal we’re going to or have already engaged into with you here.
  • When it is in our legitimate interests to enhance our Services and offer you with a safe and secure Platform, we may collect information about you.
  • When we must adhere to a legal or regulatory requirement.

We may also treat your personal data with your consent in specific instances. If we do this, we will inform you of the purpose and kind of personal data that will be processed when we ask for your consent. Below is an explanation of the purposes for which we use your personal data, as well as the legal basis on which we depend. Where relevant, we’ve additionally indicated our legitimate interests.

For giving access to our Platform and delivering services through it.

1. If you log in using your cellphone number or email address, we will use your first and last name, as well as your mobile number and/or email address, to identify you as a user and grant you access to our Platform.

 If you log in with your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID, we’ll utilise your first and last names, as well as your account’s email address and the URL to your profile image.

3. Any payment you make to our Services is processed by third-party payment service providers. You may be asked to supply us with your payment and credit card information, which we will subsequently submit to the payment service provider in order to complete your payment, depending on the method of payment. Unless you give us permission, we do not keep your credit card information.