You've had your eye on your favourite item. Benella gives you two easy alternatives for finding the item you want. Using the search bar, you may look for items by their names. Search by category to find what you're looking for. Note: Make sure you've chosen the correct area so that you can see neighbouring alternatives first.
  • A search box may be found at the top of the Benella App's 'explore page.'
  • Fill in the name of the item you want to purchase. 
  • On the results page, tap the selected Ad.
  • The individual Ad will open, with all of the seller's data and specifications.
  • You'll have two options for getting in touch with the seller: chat or call.
  • Search by category: It's simple to find a product in the right category. To discover your preferred product or service, follow the steps below.
  • Select the category you wish to search for on the Benella app. 
The way people buy things on Benella has changed dramatically. To begin, you will be unable to contact a vendor unless you are signed into Benella. For security reasons, everyone must have an account. After that, contacting a vendor is a breeze! You may navigate through advertising to your heart's content once you've logged in. If you see anything you like, you may start a conversation or make an offer immediately on the ad.
We highly advise against paying in advance. If you must pay a fee to have the vendor keep the item for you, make it a modest and inconsequential fee. Advance payment is the most prevalent method used by con artists to dupe consumers into making ahead payments for goods, services, and other items. What to look out for when it comes to advance payment scam!
  • Offers that are too good to be true and impossible to refuse.
  •  Demands for token money without meeting in person or personally seeing the product. 
  • Posing as members of reputable and honourable professions such as Army personnel, CISF, BSF, doctors, NGOs, and public servants, to name a few. Showcase of great necessity to sell the goods or an emotional appeal (for example, a family member is sick and needs money for an operation, school tuition, etc.).
  • Work guarantee offers and employment schemes involving money transfers or requiring an advance charge to secure the job or receive the resources needed to do the job.
What is the best way to search in my present or another location? If you allow location in your phone's settings, Benella will instantly detect your present position. You may also manually search for a location. What's the deal with it being set to the wrong location? It might happen from time to time owing to a default setting on your phone or browser, so don't worry.
It is critical for you to check your goods before making a purchase as a customer! Things to keep in mind: -
  • Product inspection: Examine the product physically. Look for any flaws or damage.
  • Check to see whether any of the devices are operational by turning them on
  • Product Age: Ask the vendor for the original bill/receipt to double-check the product's age.
  • Insist on a warranty card, receipt, box, or slips as proof.
  • Ad relevance: Make sure the product fits the ad's description.
  • Be wary of any duplicate items, such as clones and first copies.
  • Remember to ask the vendor about all of the necessary accessories.