How To Buy And Sell Websites?

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How To Buy And Sell Websites?

Looking to sell your website and turn all your hard work into a hunk of cash? Or perhaps you ’re on the other side and looking to acquire a new website to add to your portfolio?

Either way, I ’ve got some great options for you in this post where I ’ve collected the 11 stylish platforms to buy and sell websites or other online businesses.

Some of these platforms specialize in buying/ selling established websites that are earning thousands per month (or further), while others are more open commerce where you can snap up lower spots that fit your requirements.

Principally, whether you ’re looking to buy/ sell websites for hundreds, thousands, or indeed millions of bones, you ’ll find a good option on this list.

For each platform, I ’ll detail the kinds of websites that you can buy/ sell, what you should anticipate to pay in freight, and how to get started.

The best platforms to buy and sell websites (or other online businesses)

1. Flippa

You can use it for anything important and you can find options at all budgets. For illustration, you might see a cheap$ website right next to an established point going for$.

Still, because it’s such an open business, that occasionally means you need to filter through some low- quality websites to find the good stuff.

What can you buy & sell?
Flippa lets you buy and sell principally any online reality, including sphere names. You can use it for blogs, websites, eCommerce stores, Amazon FBA stores, apps, SaaS tools, and more.

Dealer commissions
Flippa charges both a table figure and a commission for successful deals. The listing figure for established websites is$ 49 and the commission ranges from 10 for businesses up to$ 50k down to 5 for businesses over$ 100k.

2. Empire Flippers
Principally, if a point makes it to the business, you can be sure it’s legal, which is why Empire Flippers spots generally go on the advanced- end. For illustration, it’s fairly common to see spots on Empire Flippers go for prices in the hundreds of thousands or indeed millions.

At the time that I ’m writing this post, the cheapest point on Empire Flippers is still$.

What can you buy & sell?
Conglomerate Flippers works for any type of online business. That includes websites that are monetized via advertisements or chapter products, as well as eCommerce businesses, Amazon FBA businesses, eCommerce, SaaS tools, and more.

Dealer commissions
Conglomerate Flippers uses a tiered commission structure – it’s 15 for deals under$ 1 million and also it gets precipitously lower as the deals get bigger, holding down out at 2 for deals above$ 10 million.

3. MicroAcquire
The idea is that you can pick up a SaaS business that needs a little TLC and turn it into a success. MicroAcquire works by anonymously connecting both buyers and merchandisers in its business. Once you ’ve got some interest, you can connect to finalize the deal.

What can you buy & sell?
Again, MicroAcquire is for startups/ SaaS tools with under$ ARR. This naturally makes it a little more limited than platforms like Flippa or Empire Flippers. Still, it also means that, if you ’re a buyer, you ’re only going to find exactly what you ’re looking for.

Dealer commissions
MicroAcquire does n’t charge any commissions and it’s free for both buyers and merchandisers.

4. FE International
In that respect, it’s kind of like Empire Flippers. You wo n’t find hundreds of rosters, but you’ll find 30-40 really high- quality businesses that are making real plutocrats. For illustration, presently the most precious table is a SaaS tool that’s making$ 4 million per time in net profit. On the other hand, the cheapest website is a review website making
$ per time in net profit. Still, or if your website fits those criteria, this might be the place for you, If those are the kinds of deals you ’re looking for.

What can you buy & sell?
FE International focuses on SaaS, eCommerce, and content websites (e.g. blogs, review spots,etc.) They do due diligence on all the parcels that they sell, so you can be sure that only authenticated, established spots make it into the business.

Dealer commissions
FE International’s commission figure generally varies between 10-15 depending on the size of the deal ( lower commission for larger deals).
5. Exchange
One of the unique effects is that Shopify calculates the factual deals profit from the store ( using the Shopify API) – the merchandisers themselves can not acclimate the deals profit. This gives you some confidence that the figures are legal. Exchange also allows for anonymous communication and also supports Escrow.

What can you buy & sell?
Again, Exchange is only for eCommerce stores. Specifically, Shopify stores. In fact, you must be using Shopify to list your store.

Dealer commissions
It’s free to list your store on Exchange – you ’ll only pay if your store sells. The commission rate is grounded on your store’s table price – you can see it when you list your store for trade.
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